The First Information

This website lists the program of the satellite event, where the authors will acquaint you with the content of a new medical text book, the ‘Compendium’, titled: Comprehensive Multi-professional Approach to the Treatment of Patients with a focus on the Use of Less Frequent Methods, to be published later in 2022 in English, Slovakian and Russian. This book is primarily intended for: doctors, physiotherapists, health professionals, and other professionals from all related disciplines that are interested in the development of multi-professional healthcare. Participation in the satellite event, on the first day of 18 March 2022, is free for all Congress lecturers and for participants..

The second and third days will be dedicated to the International Interdisciplinary Medical Congress No. 23 of Natural Medicine on the topic of Science, Medicine and Spirituality. The final program of the Congress will be available in the section of this website headed, ‚second information‘, which will be posted on this web page from 28 February 2022.

If you are interested in providing a lecture for the Congress, please complete the form via the “Registration” button on the right side, so that the Congress Scientific Committee can have an opportunity to review your proposed lecture topic. We will notify you of their decision by email. Please, complete all fields of the form, including your proposed lecture title and its annotation, in 150 words. The length of the lectures is planned for about 20 minutes.

The deadline for active participants’ applications for inclusion in the Congress Program is 20 February 2022.

For passive participation the application deadline is 13 March 2022.

The congress fee for congress participants is EUR 75.00.

Lecturers are exempt from the congress fee.