Comprehensive Multiprofessional Approach to the Treatment of Patients focusing on the Use
Less Frequent Methods

Key action 2 Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices KA202
Strategic Partnerships in the field of education , training and youth Project: 2020 1 SK01 KA202 078222

Main investigator and coordinator of the project:

The First Clinic of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine of G. Solar, Ltd., Samorin, Slovak Republic/
health care provider, scientific-research center and education institution

Sub investigators and project partners:

Slovak Medical University in Bratislava, Slovak Republic/
state university, institute of physical and rehabilitation medicine, scientific-research centre and health care provider

Sonic Age, Ltd. Keswick, United Kingdom/
scientific research center, device manufacturer and education provider

Dynamic business services, ltd. Prague, Czech Republic/
scientific-research center, device manufacturer and education provider

The Intelectual outputs
The first output of the project is an international educational course that has been accredited as part of continuous medical education. This educational module is also available for other professions with secondary and tertiary education.
More information about the course.

The second output of the project is a textbook for the educational course in the form of a compendium. The textbook contains the application of current scientific knowledge in the field of sound physics and sound therapy, the use of the latest knowledge in neurotechnology in optimizing brain function, and the possibility of objectifying the effect of physiatry.